The concept

Another Odyssey aims to be the first in a series of classics to be adapted to today's storytelling reality.


There is a reason why the classics have retained their status up until now: they are great stories with depth and meaning, that have the power to jolt our imagination. There is rarely time today to go through a novel of 500 pages or more. Some people may have a notion about the classic masterpieces but may have never read them in their entirety. As kids of previous generations sans smartphones and tablets, we were entertaining ourselves with the adventures of great figures like Achilles, Hercules, and Odysseus. Their tales were so rich in layers of meaning and depth that the experience of reading them extended far beyond than reading a plain villains and monsters story.
We believe that such classics are just as worth being told today as ever.


We want to tell the stories as they are, unaltered in their essence but adapted to today’s mediums of storytelling. Our core target group - young teens - are heavy users of mobiles and tablets and avid lovers of rich and intense experiences. Wanting to keep our users engaged by combining the feeling of a video game and that of a movie, our story is told using a mix of interaction and narration.
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First ideas / Sketching

There were millions of ways to tell this story visually. From the very beginning, we wanted the result to be a mix of something one would see in a movie theatre with that of a video game.


To develop Another Odyssey, we have chosen to use the popular game engine Unity. Follow us on twitter to have an in-depth view of the various tools we have used and the methods we have developed in order to get the maximum experience, just the way we want you to!

Game Art

We tried to create a unique feeling to the experience of playing Another Odyssey, one that feels new but familiar at the same time, with an atmosphere of a realm between reality and fantasy.
The sea obviously plays the bigger part in the production, which is why we have placed our best effort to make it the hero of the game.
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Coming (hopefully) soon to a tablet near you!

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